‘Petit Temps’ Shelf — 36″


‘Petit Temps’ Shelf — 36″

The ‘Petit Temps’ Shelf is made of a folded and perforated steel sheet. A large perforation was made at its center to make way for electrical wires if need be.
Affordable and versatile, this piece is available in a darker version, as well as two lighter ones, to complement a vast array of decors. A well thought everyday object.

Made to order.

Length: 36 in
Depth:  6 in
Height: 3 in
Weight: 2 kg

Powder-coated steel.

This powdercoated steel piece is available in black or cream.
Don’t hesitate to contact us for custom colors or dimensions.

Clean with damp cloth and if need be, any all-purpose household cleaner. Do not use products containing solvents or any type of strong chemicals.