Viger Bedroom

A peaceful living space, the Viger Bedroom is an environment where aesthetics and functionality come together to achieve an harmonious balance.

The design and fabrication of this tailored integrated furniture helps define the different zones of the bedroom and to maximise its organization. Around the bed, a multifunctional cabinet creates storage and takes advantage of an often forgotten space. This piece of furniture becomes an alcove, like a cocoon inviting you to relax. On either side of it, openings become built-in bedside tables. The balance between closed and overhead shelves allows to display selected items while hiding the rest.

Near the window, bookshelves accommodate the owner’s generous collection of books and frame the reading corner. In the center, the Nocturne chair, a small side table and a custom light suspension, ensures optimal comfort for this book lover.

A space that breathes, where living is great.